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Kennel Training

Positive Kennel/Crate Association and Training Tips


First thing is first, a Dog Kennel or Crate should ONLY be used with good intentions and positive purposes!

There are many simple tricks and games you can partake in with your furry companion to associate positives with their kennel/crate! Not that we as dog owners WANT to keep our dogs in crates, it’s for their over all health, well-being and safety. Below is a great example of positive association with the crate. You can see at the beginning she was distracted but heard ” Lilly, Crate” and instantly knew where to go! Positive balance is key to communication!

Kids Safety

It’s important that we, as responsible humans, show our children and young community how to properly communicate and socialize with dogs. We must show them how to approach a dog, introduce your smell, introduce your hands, play, and things to watch out for! Our dogs are every bit a part of our family and a great addition to your one big Pack! By everyone in your family communicating the same and consistently, our companions will learn quicker and have a stronger respect and trust level!

Rescue Adoption

What to Look for when seeking to rescue/adopt

  • Have an energy level and temperament in mind to suite your living and life style

  • Health or Behavior issues

  • Socialized or need more Positive Behavior Support

  • Respectable and clean facility and proper handling/treatment


Tip’s on bringing home your new furry companion

  • Make sure the new living situation isn’t going to be overwhelming

  • Do not force any introductions

  • Dog proof the house before bringing them home (small toys, electrical cords, plants, etc)

  • Know your set time slots for feeding, potty breaks and play time

  • Have your supplies ready: leash, collar, food, toys, sleeping arrangement,etc     

  • WATCH OUR VIDEO!  Rescues Helping Rescues 

Travel Tips

We all know there are a great number of drivers on the roads these days which makes for even more chaos around us. Driving on public streets, you are always going to be around people who will cut you off, slam on their brakes suddenly or jump around lanes. Stay prepared and set your companion up for safety and success.

 And it may be cute when your dog has his head sticking out the window enjoying the nice breeze, but truth is, it is completely dangerous and a threat to our dogs lives. It only takes one abrupt turn or someone else running into you for something to happen. Be responsible, be their leader!


Quick Tips:

  • Two of the top safest spots in the vehicle for a dog is the passenger floorboard or the rear floor the of vehicle. ( judge spot accordingly to dogs size)

  • The safest position for your dog to be in his holding a “down, stay” or “spot”

  • from here your dog is less likely to end up in the front seat or rolling around from an abrupt maneuver

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