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Our Pack specializes with in home and public training! Utilizing real our life environments will show our companions how to conduct through those situations and distractions!  By supporting positive behaviors and strengthening balance in your relationship, you will be able to conquer your next journey with confident strides. We believe learning The 8 Standard Cues will lay the foundation to an unbreakable relationship. Training is all about learning to communicate effectively with each other!


8 Standard Cues
Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave it (reset cue) , Spot, Release Ok!


Ever since Haylie was a young girl she enjoyed being around animals of all shapes and sizes!  She had family pets and  even thought  she would  end up being a marine biologist because of her love for killer whales. “They were so majestic and peaceful in my eyes” 

Haylie met Billy and together they moved to Florida.  Billy was busy training dogs full time and she was by his side learning the program and gaining a passion for dogs. “This girl has a huge heart and is always helping others.”, says Billy “This carries over in her passion for strengthening the relationship between people and their pets.”

Founder & Trainer

I started Pack Life Dog Training to bring our dog communities closer together. There are too many misleading methods and tips that are causing more issues than before they started.  I decided to step in and make a difference.  Not only are we bringing you the most effective and humane communication methods, we are presenting our Professional Training prices at a very low cost!


As an extreme dog lover, I wanted to be able to reach out and help as many people as I can!  I appreciate you taking the time to read about me and why I started Pack Life.

Paige and Lily.png

Paige grew up in Illinois,  embracing many different activities.  Through her adventures, she soon realized she had a growing desire to help animals and eventually enrolled in Veterinary Technician school.  While in school, she came across a beautiful young Blue Heeler who needed a forever home. That beautiful blue heeler you will know today as Lily!

Her love for Lily further ignited her passion to help animals, so she and Lily enrolled in the Off-Leash Program with Packlife Dog Training.  After completing their introductory training, Paige realized she wanted to be more involved with strengthening bonds and communication between owners and their pets. After much hard work, dedication and further instruction with us, Paige is now a trainer! She will bring the same passion and guidance to each client that all of us at Packlife do!   We are  excited to have Paige and Lily join our team of professionals!  Welcome Paige and Lily! 


My Girl, Addie

I stumbled onto a beautiful mix of  puppy and I had to have her.

Recovering this new puppy from a run down part of Chicago, I had no idea she would soon change my life dramatically! My Mini Aussie Mix, Addie, was a handful to raise and I knew I had to pursue better training

Acclimating A Rescue

Theo was found in an ally in Milwaukee, WI in the summer of 2018. He was turned into a local rescue in hopes of a better life from a local citizen. Soon enough, 2 loving humans were on the look for a new family companion when their eyes met Theo!

Fitting Into The Family

Rocky a runner with no recall or influence with boundaries, was having a hard time settling in with his new furry brother Teddy who lived at the house prior to Rocky coming. They didn’t know how to communicate with each other when one was uncomfortable or one wanted to simply play.

Training for Service

When it came time to adjusting to more service type tasks, Nala and her owner were in search of help! With guidance, love, patience we were able to strengthen the confidence and trust between these two and conquer a number of different scenarios & environments!

Service Companion Training

Roman, an amazing family dog  turned out to be an amazing service companion as well! Arie reached out for a more in depth training.  Working closely with Billy they were able to train in multiple settings and environments to ensure that Roman knew how to act no matter where he went.

Training for Kids

Joey was very excited to welcome his new lab puppy! We helped Joey, an active 5 year old boy and Casey bond in a safe and nurtuing environment ensuring a positive  and happy relationship for many years to come.

Lilly bear.jpg
Training for Packlife

Lily was a dog in need of a forever home. She not only found a new home with our Packlife team member Paige, but also a new full time gig as part of our crew. Paige and Lily work together as a team to help our clients teach their pets how to interact with other pets in a healthy and positive manner.

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