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Strengthening the way we bond and communicate with our companions.

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Providing In Home and Public Training for ALL Behaviors.

Billy Nowack

Founder / Trainer

Pack Life is out to set the new standard in Dog Training and Communication. Training in REAL life environments creates REAL life results. There are no secrets in our training, we teach you how we effectively communicate so that you eventually don’t need us around! Whether you are wanting a well rounded family companion or a fully trained service companion, Pack Life is here to reach your end goals in a humane and timely fashion. By showing our communities how to communicate more effectively, we will ultimately strengthen the community as a whole. We want to see everyone out and about enjoying life with their dogs! We want you to enjoy every moment with your dog and have no troubled worries. Our pack is becoming incredibly strong and once you are a part of our Pack, you are in for life!

A Message From Billy

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